Why are EGF Skin Care products beneficial to the skin?

The first growth factor researched was the epidermal growth factor for skin. It was found only 30 years ago by scientists who won an Award for their work, creating it among the most creative substances in the skincare world today. Growth factors play a vital role in the development of cell processes in the body. And, as the name implies, the epidermal growth factor is associated with the epidermis the upper layer of skin. egf skin care became a firm favourite with celebrities and beauty editors as an essential step in their daily activities, thanks to its collagen-stimulating, black spot brightening and ageing skin properties.

Is EGF capable of causing purging?

Accelerating the natural skin turnover cycle carries skin pores to correlate with changes that could result in a bothersome side effect called purging. Because your skin regenerates at a faster rate, pimples which might probably take weeks to form can appear on the skin all at once, having caused a response that mimics a breakout.

Is EGF good for the skin?

Even though the protein has already been related to tumour growth inside the body, specialists maintain there were no known risks to using EGF topically. A few cancers are caused directly by genetic changes in the EGF receptor, which causes them to become addicted to EGF, resulting in abnormal growth.


EGF stimulates tissues in the skin, which create collagen and elastin to make clear, thicken, and tighten the skin. As you get older, your EGF levels drop, as does your skin’s elasticity, resulting in ageing symptoms like dullness, age spots, lines, and overall skin sagging.