A guide to Firmex virtual data room

 A guide to Firmex virtual data room

In the race of virtual data rooms (VDRs), the Firmex virtual data room is the younger rider of the town. its headquarters is located in Canada, set in 2006. They have 75000+ clients. Its VDR is used for the hold up of complex and confidential documents related to the different industrial solutions on 24/7/365 within a very reasonable range. They opened around 15000 data rooms every year for their value with the unlimited entry of the project. Their well-known client includes Deutsche bank, PWC, Deloitte, banks, M&A, pharmaceuticals, mining, Barclay, UBS, mining and many more legal advisors.

Main features

Industrial solution

·         Bankruptcy ·         Document repository ·         M&A solutions
·         Biotech licensing ·         Due diligence ·         Distress real estate
·         Financing ·         Fundraising ·         Restructuring
·         Litigation ·         Clinical studies ·         Procurement management

 Digital management and protection

  • Customized document watermarks are available.
  • The supported file format is PDF and MS office
  • It can manage to drag and drop of multiple files in real-time.
  • 256-bit SSL/TLS encrypted.

Data hosting

  • They give a 99.9% guarantee of data hosting.
  • They can produce back up of the data at any mishap conditions but didn’t have virus scanning ability.
  • SOC 2 and SSAE 16 certified

Document security

  • Two-step authentic way to access the required file.
  • It distributed the user permission group to generate leads.
  • Only accessible to IP addresses holders.

 Easy to use

  • No special plug-ins are required to access the documents and can be viewed by an excel spreadsheet.
  • Only IOS applications.
  • Can be search by name or content, plus point file are also be sort out through parameters.

 A guide to Firmex virtual data room

Customization and tracking

  • It possesses a customized user interface, login page, and user invitation letter quality.
  • Integration through APIs.
  • All the user activity is monitored by the administrator and can generate audit files upon demand.

Support and services

  • 24/7 customer support and services are provided via phone calls and emails.

Pros and cons

Reasonable and affordable with great storage Limited security functionality
 Secure sensitive information for MS and PDF files No online help center is developed
 Increased lead generation by haring data among parties  
Have greater due diligence  
14-days trial period is given and the rate of the project hosting  is fixed  


Firmex virtual data room is an affordable, reliable and deal huge storage of confidential information with efficient and transparent prices along with quality service.