Best wine fridges found in Singapore

Best wine fridges found in Singapore

Wine fridges, wine chillers, or wine coolers are those electronic devices specially designed for storing wines or alcohol. This is a temperature-controlled device to maintain an optimal temperature to store wines. In this article, we will be discussing the best wine fridge singapore.

Features of wine chillers-

  1. Grooves or stainless steel racks are kept to hold the bottles.
  2. The doors of a wine refrigerator are double-paned or coated to protect the bottles from UV radiation.
  3. The compressor inside the wine fridge is attached with an absorption system to lessen the vibrations made by the cooling motor and reduce the impact on the bottles.
  4. A lock is placed on the door for unnecessary opening and closing and to save the wines from getting spoiled because of the temperature difference.
  5. Digital temperature control panel to mark the temperature.

Best wine chillers available in the Singapore market-

  1. Bosch series 8- wine cooler- this wine cooler has a glass door; it is energy efficient and makes significantly less noise while running. There are six wooden shelves to hold many wine bottles. Each rack has its temperature display panel. The fridge is made up of pure stainless steel. Costs- S$4099.
  2. Powerpac wine chillers- can hold 15 bottles of wine. The optimal temperature of this device is 4℃ to 18℃. The fridge costs- S$250. It consists of two wooden shelves. This fridge has a built-in drainage hole to drain out the water accumulated.

To conclude, the wine mentioned above chillers are the most popular in Singapore.