Everything You Should Know About Hospital Cleaning Services In Miami, FL

Everything You Should Know About Hospital Cleaning Services In Miami, FL

The safety and wellbeing of your patients is your priority no matter where you work: from an urgent care facility to a non-profit to a hospital. When it comes to keeping your facility clean, we at Stratus Building Solutions want you to focus on caring for the individuals in your care. hospital cleaning services in Miami, FL aren’t just a bare minimum; they result from years of experience and specific training.

In the medical profession, wiping off surfaces is not enough. For our medical office sanitizing services, we demand the utmost cleanliness and corporate ethics from our employees.

Our unique hospital and medical clinical training program are required for all health care industry employees to get certified. Following are the areas of teaching and assessment:

  • For primary and specialty facilities, cleaning and disinfection to hospital standards are required.
  • Disinfection services
  • Blood-borne pathogen requirements
  • Codes applicable to OSHA and JCAHO

Cleaners at Global Services have been trained extensively in using the most up-to-date environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, equipment, and methods to give our clients first-rate, cutting-edge solutions. Cleaning and sanitizing a range of healthcare facilities in Miami and the surrounding South Florida area are among the many services our medical facility cleaning expertise provides, including terminal cleaning and infection control.

  • Before and after surgery, must sanitize the surgical room.
  • Exam and waiting room hygienic conditions
  • The nursing station was sanitized.
  • Administrative office restrooms
  • The toilets, kitchen, and locker rooms are all cleaned.

Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods

Hospital cleaning services in Miami, FL,and other respiratory issues affect many people every day, and medical facilities are there to help. Potent cleaning agents should not work on them. With our eco-friendly cleaning products, they don’t have to—cleansing devices like HEPA vacuums and UV sanitizing wands battle microorganisms without damaging the senses.

Since we don’t leave any dangerous chemicals behind, our medical office cleaning services are safe in institutions that care for children, the elderly, people with respiratory issues, and anybody else your clinic cares for. We’re happy to work with you to create a service unique to your needs and timetable. By contacting us, you may get a quote or further information.