Newly Added Locations on Modern Warfare Maps

Newly Added Locations on Modern Warfare Maps

Because there are so many different maps, you might want to consider buying a Call of Duty carry to learn all the finest areas in a quicker amount of time: Station is the first, and it’s a big one. It’s a terrific place to be for individuals who want to make the most of their surroundings. There are plenty of amazing angles all around the Cod boost map, and if you use them correctly, they’ll put you in the perfect area to make a winning shot.

  • Mialstor-Tank-Factory (MTF)

Mialstor-Tank-Factory (MTF) is another company we’ll talk about. MTF has a lot of different regions to explore, so getting to know the map completely will take some time. It is not the best spot for newbies because there are too many parts of the map to remember.

  • The Verdansk River

Another new map is Verdansk Riverside. Virtual reality is an excellent setting for any battle, as each encounter promises to be intense and bloody. Players will find a plethora of new locations, corners, and hideouts on these maps. You will quickly become unbeatable on any battlefield once you have mastered the new settings.

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  • Season 6 Weapons: Select the Most Appropriate Weaponry

With each Modern Warfare update in Season 6 (S6), we learn more about the top firearms that are either returning to MW or making their debut in S6. So far, we’ve acquired the following information:

  1. AS-VAL. Its first version was discovered in the MW game files. It has great stats, and you will undoubtedly like playing with it.
  2. AA-12. This shotgun acquired a lot of traction in MW2, so it’s no surprise that it’s making a comeback.
  3. SP-R 208. is the third item on the list. Another rifle, the SP-R 208, will be released soon as well. The prediction is that it will quickly become one of the favorites of numerous players.

And the list goes on. Without a doubt, we will get to play with many special weapons that will offer you a perfect service as a great tool for taking down as many foes as we can.


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