Professional Carpet Cleaning In New Orleans: WHEN AND WHY?

Professional Carpet Cleaning In New Orleans: WHEN AND WHY?

Carpet cleaning is a significant part of their maintenance. Dull looking and foul-smelling carpet is not only an uneasy sight for the eyes but it is also an indication that the carpet will eventually be teared into fibres after a period. Therefore, it is very important to take up a regular deep clean-up of the carpets in order to extend their life besides keeping their original texture and colour unchanged. For this purpose, there is professional carpet cleaning in New Orleans sector, which constitutes approximately 10 % of the overall revenue generated by the whole cleaning industry.

Need of commercial carpet cleaning:

A number of offices and professional spaces have carpets, which looks quite welcoming to the visitors as well as employees. It also improves the quality of air in the because a dirty carpet is embedded with a lot of dust which can be extremely harmful for respiratory system especially in the long run. Sometimes, it leads to the release of unpleasant smell in the surroundings. So, a periodic carpet cleaning must be taken up at least every 6 months. Although depending upon the budget of the business owner or the organisation, carpet cleaning duties can also be assigned to the workers by taking  equipments/tools and chemicals required on rent but the service provided by the professional carpet cleaning unit is much effective.

Other tips for improving the health of carpets:

There are a few things to be kept in mind concerning better maintenance of carpets;

  • Use only durable carpets whose shades are either darker or neutral.
  • Don’t ignore the spoilage even when the carpet is stain resistant. Treat it with a solution of vinegar, ammonia and baking soda, immediately.
  • There exists a different technique for different carpets. So, ‘One size fits all’ approach doesn’t apply even in this case and no one can guide better in this regard except the professionals.

Besides commercial carpet cleaning at suitable intervals, regular vacuum cleaning must not be forgotten. Especially, for the carpets where the extent of foot traffic is fairly high, it should be taken up once or even twice a week.