Is GDAX Safe for Buying Cryptocurrency?

GDAX, often referred as Global Digital Asset Exchange, is the famous places for exchange of the cryptocurrencies. It is run by a same firm that owns Coinbase, the popular cryptocurrency exchange network of both of them. Whereas both of them provide similar functionality, lots of advanced investors make the GDAX their main type of the crypto trading.

Who Should Utilize GDAX?

GDAX network is well suited for the people with intermediate knowledge of the crypto trading, professional investors and institutional investors. GDAX might look a bit daunting for the beginners, but it is fairly simple to understand when you get a hang of it. The customer USD funds for GDAX are the FDIC insured, it means your balance over $250,000 will be protected. An exchange has various digital currency pairs such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and fiat currencies like EUR and USD.

GDAX and Its Origins

GDAX & Coinbase are actually owned by same parent company, both exchange is been geared towards various purposes. Coinbase like we know it now is very simple to use, it is why lots of first-time buyers begin with Coinbase. Chances are if it is the first time buying cryptocurrency, you would like to have the process that is as easy as possible. The Coinbase recognized gap between the mass user adoption & robust functionality, so decided to split in 2 different business models. The Coinbase aims to have many new traders, and gdax plans to offer educated investors functionality that they want.