The definition and facts behind BTC crypto

The definition and facts behind BTC crypto

If you are a first-timer or beginner in the cryptocurrency world, BTC is always the first entry before proceeding to other types of crypto. Bitcoin price is currently recognized as the most prominent technology invention of all time. So far, it has gained the capitalization of about $157 billion, and its recognition has almost become synonymous with cryptocurrency concept. Probably by now, it’s recognized as the most significant finance phenomenon since the paper money innovation.

Bitcoin Legality

Bitcoin legality depends in the county you are located worldwide. So, there some countries that takes it as illegal means of payment, while other countries take it as the best means of payment. Therefore it depends on the rules and regulation of your government. There are several countries you can get penalized by using this form of currency.

Where to buy bitcoin crypto

BTC has the most comprehensive capitalization market compared to other types of cryptocurrencies. That implies that BTC is always the first option before considering different kinds of crypto for exchanges or trading. Actually, other types of crypto can be traded against bitcoin. If you want to be introduced to cryptocurrency or purchase BTC for whichever purpose, here are several legit sites you can refer to: offer bitcoin price that can generate income of nearly $200 hourly Free BTC, by almost doing nothing but just evaluating some simple captchas.  This website has distributed over $1.5 billion to BTC users since it was introduced in 2013. Earning Bitcoin through FreeBitcoin, it is simple as well as withdrawing earning.


Coinbase is also crypto website based in California, and so far it’s currently operating in over 32 nations worldwide. It is one of the safest crypto platforms worldwide that a massive number of users are trading with BTC, including other cryptos like Litecoin, cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum.