Types of drilling machines

Types of drilling machines

It is a tool that is generally utilized to drill holes or drive screws. Drilling is done with a drilling machine, which is a processing technique that is frequently employed in production. Let us look into some of the types of drill machine in detail.

Portable drilling machine

The portable drilling machines are often utilized across the whole factory to drill pinholes. This drill machine is controlled by gripping the drill in one hand while the object to be pierced is placed in a vice. 

Sensitive drilling machine

For drilling small and mid objects, the tables and rotational speeds and feeding mechanism could be shifted vertically on the columns. Sensitive drilling machines are equipped in both flooring and tabletop models, and they allow the operator to feel any pressure necessary for drilling and modulate it properly. 

Upright drilling machine

When compared to the delicate drilling machine, this sort of equipment is used to drill midsize to big holes that are greater in size and powerful. The kind of column utilized distinguishes between two kinds of stand-up drilling machines: circular column and boxed column. 

Radial drilling machine

The radial arm may adjust the rotating speed and feed mechanism, turn and elevate the radial arm, and the product would be fastened. It’s ideal for working with huge, hefty, and porous objects, and it’s commonly utilized in the equipment industry. 

Gang drilling machine

Because it has many drill heads, the group drilling machine may drill holes of similar or various diameters around the same time or at separate times.