What are adult bars in korea?

What are adult bars in korea?

They are women who have the option of selecting and paying for male companions in what are known as “강남룸싸롱” in Seoul. These establishments employ male hosts to provide companionship and entertainment to women willing to pay. Pouring drinks, conversing, dancing, and singing karaoke are all part of the job. After you’ve selected your “hostess,” she’ll take your seat. And she’ll pour you shots of scotch, stick fruit on toothpicks in your mouth, and generally act like your best friend the entire night. They are mostly found in political districts like Itaewon. Clubs have a dance floor where guests can dance to loud music. DJs can perform on stage and keep the crowd going. There are tables and rooms available for guests to use. There are tables and rooms available for guests to use if they purchase expensive liquor by the bottle.

What do they consist of ?


강남룸싸롱 are room salons that can be found on almost every street in South Korea, particularly in Seoul, and where many business meetings take place. A typical session may last 4-6 hours. When you arrive, you will be escorted into a closed area by a manager of some sort. There will be a Karaoke machine in one of the corners, which I will discuss later. It takes about 15 minutes for your ears to glow and your stomach to make that strange sound. The door will suddenly open, allowing a flood of girls to enter the room. Like the king in Gladiator, you get to sit back and choose which one you think is the most beautiful.A large table will be in the centre of the room, with plush, elegant sofas on the other three sides. Everyone smokes, so take a seat, drink some water, light a cigarette, and relax. Soon after, a waitress, madam, or hostess will enter the room to take your alcohol order