What is die casting? And types of die castings

What is die casting? And types of die castings

Die casting

Die casting is the process of producing the die-cast metal through a high-pressure forcing molten metal into molds. Die casting can be produced in any shape and size. It is possible to produce any complex and large components. The high-quality steels are used as molds.  In two different ways, the components are manufactured in die casting such as hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting.

Hot chamber die casting method

In hot chamber casting method, the casting chamber in casting machines is constantly in contact with the liquid alloy. When the melt passes into the casting chamber through a valve, it is pressed by the piston into the closed die casting mold at high speed. Alloys having low melting points such as zinc, lead or tin are used in this process.

Cold chamber die casting method

In cold chamber method, the casting set is designed outside the melt. The component is prepared by pouring alloy into the casting chamber and pressed through channels into the die casting mold.

Materials with high melting points such as aluminium and copper are suitable for this process.

In both, the process after pressing the alloy into the mold the material solidifies under high pressure. It can be said simply in the following steps.

  1. Filled the casting mold with an alloy
  2. Curing the component under high pressure
  3. Remove the component by opening the mold

Cold chamber die casting is a highly used process in the mass production of light metal castings. 80 percent of materials are produced by using aluminium. Zinc and magnesium are used next to aluminium. Copper, tin, and lead are also used as alloys.

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