How to Wax Windsurfing Board

How to Wax Windsurfing Board

The stuff that make your feet stick on the surfboard is what referred to as surf wax. Surf wax is one of the essential surfing tools that you must get from your nearest Windsurf Shop.You should always consider buying quality surd wax since it determines the duration your feet will remain on the surfing board. Here are essential considerations you should bear in mind when waxing your surfboard:

Windsurf ShopWax your surfboard at the beach

It is good to wax your surfboard at the beach before you get into the water. You will have to reapply more wax again after a while. With proper waxing strategies with the perfect base coat will make the wax remain adhesive on the board.

Waxing techniques 

To get perfect outcomes, you need to wax the surfboard with the crisscross pattern. And to do this correctly, you will have to apply it a diagonal direction and later after ten strokes, use in opposite-diagonal direction. A crisscross pattern will make a solid base during the next wax application.

You can also apply it in circular motion gain over the crisscross strategy to make sure that it has a complete was coverage. By doing this, your board will remain on top of the water during your first hour. Circular and crisscross application may finally reduce as the activity is prolonged, so you need to place your wax before you paddle out the surf.


If you find out that the grip is becoming less tactile or slippery, then you need to reapply the wax on windsurfer while you are on the water. Remember not to repeat the crisscross pattern especially when you are reapplying. It can be even much better if you create a large circle with the wax.  For more information regarding windsurfing waxing, always feel free to visit your nearest Windsurf Shop or any legitimate online store.