Know the applications of a linear guide system

Know the applications of a linear guide system

Linear rails contain load-supporting balls or rollers, and it is considered as the backbone of many industrial applications. It is because they provide low-friction guidance and high stiffness for loads. The linear rails are suitable for any performance requirements due to their variety of sizes, preloads, and accuracy classes. The linearführungis better than all other types of guides because of its load capacity, rigidity, and travel accuracy. All thespecial attributes of the linear rail guide system make it suited for applications that require high rigidity and high precision. Some of the common applications of linear guide systems are given below.

Linear actuators:The actuator is known as the mover component of many several systems. In the system, it is used to convert the electrical system into mechanical motion. Linear rails have the ability to withstand moment loads and so it acts as the guide mechanism of actuators that are driven with screws, belts, pneumatic cylinders, and many other components.

Transport system:The linearführung is a good choice for guidance when loads are centered below the rail and bearing blocks. It is because of its high load capacity the system allows heavy loads to be transported. Furthermore, the rigidity of this system helps to stiffen the entire system.

Machine tools:To produce high-quality products machine tools require high levels of travel accuracy and stiffness. Therefore, in many industries, they use two rails in parallel with two bearing blocks that ensure minimized deflection. Also, machine tools experience high loads and so resolving the load helps to maximize bearing life.

Robot transport units:The robots have six axes to provide flexible motion for an application that requires rotation in many directions. Usually, it is required to move heavy loads, and so the seventh axis is introduced. The linear rails are used to transport from one point to another as well as joints multiple rails.